Gosia – Nursery Practitioner/Teacher

Gosia joined us as our Head of Housekeeping in August 2017 and from the first minute of her first day everybody just liked her!! She is originally from Poland but has lived in the UK with her son for a number of years. Gosia really is just amazing, nothing is too much trouble and everything is done with a smile. Whilst she was our Head of Housekeeping she managed all our dietary requirements keeping this very exacting task under complete and accurate control as well as making sure the nursery had everything needed to run smoothly on a day to day basis.  You can imagine how excited I was when Gosia very modestly and just in passing mentioned she had a Masters teaching qualification from home. I quickly and rather hopefully asked her if she would like to actually work as a nursery teacher and she immediately said that that was what she had hoped for when she joined Park Day!! She now has a key group of children in Squirrels but still finds time to do some small group sessions with our Polish children, therefore, enabling those of us who don’t speak Polish to understand exactly where those children’s developmental levels are in Communication and Language when assessed in their own language. Gosia also helps us with integrating any children from Poland whether that’s by helping in speaking to parents in Polish or providing us with a few basic words and phrases we can try to use with the children ourselves (this has resulted in some amusement on the part of the children when we have unsuccessfully tried the words in Polish and Gosia has had to explain to the children what we actually trying to say!!)

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